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To The Sky

The Falling Star

Hiromu Toda
26 October 1978
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The Basics:
Name: Hiromu Toda
Group: Falling Stars
Rank: General
ID: #G100297
Residence: Gewal (Ground Gewal)

About this Character:
Picture: here & here. (these pictures were used without permission, DO NOT use them for anything)
Age: 28
Personality: Hiromu is a quiet man who knows his place in life. He tends not to make friends and has quite a trust issue. Being a soft spoken person, most people leave him alone unless they are summoned to his chamber or if there is something urgent. His phone is his best friend. Being engulfed by war, Toda has a hard time coping with going Below. He eats, sleeps and breath war and the peaceful life he once use to live would drive him mad.
History: Hiromu Toda was born on Kobato, being a single child seeing that his father, Hiromitsu Toda, thought one child was more than enough. It was a hard few, first years of Hirumu's life due to the neglect of his father and ill mother. When his mother suddenly died of an unexpected and unusual explosion near her work place, his father had no choice of taking the boy under his wing. Under his wing was no phrase either. Hiromitsu was a high rank officer in the Kobatian Air Force who planned many trade routes for goods from different metropolis. When Hiromu was at the tender age of five, his father married again for the boy's own good. But the boy could of cared less about his new mother. He was fascinated by air planes and clung to his father's leg more than any stuffed animal.
All was well and the boy learned more and more about planes and technical devices as he grew up. His whole life changed though on his 10th bithday when he was taken to the local government building. Given shot after shot, the boy started to become ill. Hiromitsu knew what was happening and didn't really care too much about the Law of Injections until his son was near death. Before death could claim his son, he moved his family to an unknown area and started to leak information about the Law of Injections. He was able to gather a small group of people that contained some of the smartest people in the medical feild. Desperate for his son's life, the begged the scientist to find an antibiotic against the ruler's injections. The drug was tested over periods of months until they believed they found the cure. Hiromu was the first Kobatian to get the cure injection. It worked. He was able to gain his mind and thought back and became healthy after a number of days. The cure was secretly passed through the small group that soon started to grow until it was almost imposssible to hide. They soon over threw the local air port and decided the best place to flee was the planet right under Kobato. When they arrived, Hiromitsu Toda was announced the ruler of the new planet, Gewal, and continued to help the Kobatians with the cure injection. Then the war started when Hiromu was at the age of 14. The large group was finally split with who would fight and who would live. Hiromu willing started training with the others to learn how to become a part of the new air force called the Falling Stars. The war grew intense after a few years and another big day of Hiromu's life came to him around his 18th birthday.
His father had died in battle. It was now up to him to take name as the General of the Falling Stars along side the help of the man who had found the cure injection. When Toda was 20, the great scientist died. He needed to find a new scientist to take the other's place. With the help from Espionages, Toda was able to find a highly intelegent scientist and summon him as Second in Command before the Kobatian President could.
From this day forth, he has been taking his father's role to protect his people of Gewal while they live in peace Below.

Additonal Information: Toda is still very sickly internally. Since he was the first person to be tested with the cure injection, he wasn't able to get the full cure that present day cure injections have. He hides this weakness with his strong personality. The mixture of injections made him mutate in a sense to be able to stand critical wounds for longer periods of time and also keep him at an unhealthy weight.

Note: This is a fictional journal for ground_gewal